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FlashScene (Flash)


Flashes the screen white.


Name Type Description Required Default Value
Duration Number Specifies how long the flash should take in miliseconds. 200
Fade in scene Boolean If set to true, will automatically execute FadeInScene:[0]; halfway through the flash. false


Example #1: Flashes the screen for a total of 500ms.

1:  Flash:[500];

Example #1: Flashes the screen for a total of 500ms and fades in the scene halfway through, effectively fading in the scene with a flash.

2:  Flash:[500|true];


The duration determines the total time for the flash. This means that both fading in and out each take half the specified time of Duration. Example: Duration is set to 200ms. It will then take 100ms to fade the scene to white and then another 100ms to fade out the flash again.

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