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PlaySound (PS)


This instruction plays a sound effect.


Name Type Description Required Default Value
Name String The name of the sound effect. -
Delay Number Waits this amount of miliseconds before actually playing the sound. 0
Loop Boolean Determines whether the sound should loop or not. false


Example #1: Plays the sound ‘GavelSlam’ in 300ms.

1:  PS:["GavelSlam"|300];

Example #2: Plays the sound ‘Clap’ immediately and loop until stopped manually.

1:  PlaySound:["Clap"|0|true];

Example #3: Play the sound ‘Chalkboard’ immediately.

1:  PS:["Chalkboard"];


If Delay is set to anything below 10, it will be interpreted as 10. The only exception is the value 0.

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