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PsycheHeal (PsyH)


Increases the health of the psyche bar.


Name Type Description Required Default Value
Amount Number The amount of health to be added. -


Example #1: Increase the psyche health by 20 units.

1:  PsycheHeal:[20];


There are two health bars. The first is the regular health bar that is usually displayed during a trial and a second one for the psyche locks. The second bar is refered to as “psyche bar” in AACT. The psyche bar is on the right side, as opposed to the normal health bar which is on the left side. It supports the same features as the regular health bar. There is also a special frame ID PsycheOver which is just like the GameOver frame ID. While the GameOver frame automatically ends the game, the PsycheOver frame does not, so it can be used multiple times.

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