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LoadLocation (LL)


Loads a location or super location, replacing the previous location.


Name Type Description Required Default Value
Name String The name of the location. -
PosX Number The start position of the camera on the X axis. 0
PosY Number The start position of the camera on the Y axis. 0


Example #1: Loading the ‘Agency’ background.

1:  LoadLocation:["Agency"];

Example #1: Loading the ‘Agency’ background and instantly snap the camera to a (X:920,Y:384).

1:  LoadLocation:["Agency"|920|384];


Super locations are locations that extent beyond the screen dimensions, on both the X and the Y axis. Background and/or foreground image can be bigger than the screensize and will be displayed without resizing.
Characters can be set on any position, regardless if the current location is a super location or not. See more under LoadCharacter.

Just like its predecessor LoadScene, this instruction will remove the popup, dialog box and all characters from the screen.

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